Vision & Organization


Our vision is to be an integral agricultural cooperative, with an entrepreneurial focus that contributes to improving the socio-economic level our members through the efficient management of productive components: animal husbandry, marketing and credit.

Our mission as a cooperative is to improve the socio-economic level of our members through the establishment of proactive systems, competitive industrial processes and marketing, empowering ideals of social justice, unity, equality of rights and solidarity amongst our members.


The cooperative Nuevo Horizonte has an organizational structure that allows us to coordinate and organize in relation to agricultural production and the provision of community services.  We have an administrative team under the management of a General Manager who administers the projects and productive activities.

The maximum authority of the cooperative is the Assembly composed of 100 members and led by a board of directors with five members, who are elected by the Assembly every two and three years.

An important part of Nuevo Horizonte is the group called the ´´veterans´´, which is a body for consulting and support to decision-making for the community. The group has the ability to call a General Assembly when considered necessary. It is composed of individuals who were officers during the war.