The Farm

The Cooperative Nuevo Horizonte is located in the north of Guatemala, in the department of Petén, municipality of Santa Ana, 443 kilometers from the capital. The climate is hot, tropical, and humid.

The population of the Cooperative is currently 450 people, with 277 women, and 206 men, of which 100 are associate members of the coop.

The farm covers a surface of about 900 hectares and is located  35 kilometers away from Flores, Peten.

The median temperature in the region is about 24.45C. During the months of March and June the median temperature goes up to 29.30C, and during December and January it goes down to 21.60C. The precipitation is between 1160 and 2000 l/m2 per year and we get approximately 142 days of rain.

The water supply used for domestic activities is extracted from a well located 100 metres below the surface. It should be mentioned that 10.7% of the OQuevix lagoon belongs to the coop. Other sources of water come from artificial ponds and wells that are filled during the rainy season, and are exclusively used for the cattle.

The terrain is characterized by its plains and surrounding hills that compose only 5% of the area. A study reveals that the land in the area is composed of clay soil, and limestone rock. This composition is found not far from the surface therefore it leads to unstable structures, natural land erosion as well as soil erosion from human activity.

The community has an area of 900 hectares, with the following distribution:

17 hectares of township

141 hectares of natural forest

145 hectares of reforestation

326 hectares of pasture

271 hectares of crops and secondary forest