The Coop


THIS IS NUEVO HORIZONTE …where the Ceiba tree, enclosed by a heart -a memorial to the beloved compañera Maria- is a symbol of the unwavering struggle, intelligence, sacrifice, solidarity and the firmness of our recent history. The heart is surrounded by the names of our heroes and martyrs of the armed conflict, our compañeras and compañeros enriched our land with their blood; the land that today we work to produce corn, beans, pine trees, lemons, watermelons, oranges, fish, eggs, meat and honey.

We are here, where the forest of life gives us fresh air,allows us to contemplate the diversity of the flora and fauna and appreciate the purity, the thrilling of the forest of life, the roar of jaguars. Where the lagoon of Oquevix with its variety of fish produces food and its flowers and birds embellish the horizon. Here, the dining room nourishes, and lodging in the community means learning about our history.

Here, where the children play in the nursery and those who go to school study with joy, each one preparing themselves daily to have the capacity to confront the future for generations to come. Here where the graduation of our students fills our community with satisfaction and enthusiasm to realize our dreams every day.

Here where we live, having traded our guns for tools and our military strategy for productive strategy; where the peaceful struggle, made the Cooperative that today is the cradle of our history, with roots of revolution.

Cooperative Nuevo Horizonte is composed of a group of ex-combatants from the Northern Front of the Rebel Armed Forces (FAR), an organization belonging to the National Guatemalan Revolutionary Unit (URNG), which signed a peace agreement with the Guatemalan government in 1996. These agreements gave rise to the reinsertion of this group of ex-combatants and the constructions of Nuevo Horizonte, which today forms part of innumerable efforts to peacefully transform the Guatemalan reality.

On behalf of the General Assembly, the maximum authority of our cooperative, and of the Council of Directors, we invite you to explore our website to learn about our history and organizational structure. Furthermore, visit us in person, and share with us an alternative way of looking at the world.  We look forward to meeting you.

In solidarity we stand with the people who struggle around the world.