The years that we lived in the jungle have left us scarred and gave us a story of resistance to tell. Now through what we call “Solidarity Tourism”, we are committed to maintaining these footsteps and to prove that a community which has had tough times before can rise again.

A walk around our community and a conversation with its inhabitants will give you the perspective of how we live. Interaction between visitors and community members is for us the essence of “Solidarity Tourism”.

For the components of ecotourism, the objectives are organized below in four main categories:

  1. Social Objectives
  • Generate new forms of employment
  • Have training opportunities
  • Increase the utilities of the cooperative in order to expand the different social services that it offers.
  1. Political Objectives
  • To promote our name at an international level by establishing new relations of solidarity with other countries.
  • To transmit the cooperative’s ideological and political message.
  • To change the negative image that currently exists throughout some of the sectors of Guatemalan society.
  1. Economical Objectives
  • To develop an activity which is less vulnerable to FTAs (Free Trade Agreements).
  • To generate an income in order to pay off the cooperative’s debt.
  • To generate economical links with other activities of the cooperative and their families.
  1. Environmental Objectives
  • Our political project situates the human being in relation to the environment and its natural resources as such protection of the environment is of great importance to our community.