Community Tourism

Solidarity Tourism 

The years that we lived in the jungle have left indelible marks on us and now, by means of what we term SOLIDARITY TOURISM we are prepared to show that a community that has had to face so many obstacles can move forward.

In this framework, tourism services are linked to the political history and local development. The project has been designed with four focuses:

Social: To generate sources of employment, opportunities for training and increase the quality of utilities within the cooperative. To improve social services and the level of attention to the population of the community, such as health care, education and recreation.

Political: To promote and make our project and cooperative known at the national and international level. As well as establishing relationships of solidarity with other countries and transmit the principles of equality, justice and solidarity.

Economic: The effort we have been making today is specifically aimed at enabling us to resist and confront the impact of free trade agreements and other economic policies that directly affect the population. It is also our objective to generate income to pay the debt of our land and at the same time to have the resources to strengthen other projects that benefit the community.

Environmental: Our political project situates the human being in relation to the environment and its natural resources as such protection of the environment is of great importance to our community.