Community Services

The coop is responsible for the social development of the community. In this way we allow for the coop not only to grow economically but we improve the quality of life of all of the members of the community.

The coop has many services geared to its associates, as well as all the people in the community. All of our services have been built for the well-being of all the families in the community, taking into consideration the importance of each of them. These services are essential to the integral development of all members of the community, especially that of the children.

All Community Services

  • Day –care facility
  • Computer centre
  • Library
  • Training
  • Running water
  • Health centre
  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency credit funds
  • Agricultural mechanization
  • Seed bank
  • Scholarship to complete studies at different levels
  • Means for vacation transport
  • Opening markets

Some of the most essential services we provide are: Education, Health Care, Daycare, Communal stores, Mechanization, Transportation.


Seeing the need for our children to gain a better future than the one we had, we see in the horizon a community that is full of professionals living in peace.

We divide the education into three aspects:

1-Formal Education:
This is what we call the traditional ABC or 1+1, based on literary texts and formal curriculum, but we see this education merely as symbolic. We strive for what we call integral education.

2-Integral Education:
This is the education that is developed and learned in the community. Its composition is based on our alignments and our priorities to have food, health care, etc…

3-Environmental Education:
We educate our youth on how to relate to the mother earth, and also aim to preserve the environment and health of our community. This education can consist of something as simple yet important as disposing of our garbage accordingly, as the reality in Guatemala is that most garbage is dumped everywhere. Through these programs Nuevo Horizonte hopes to maintain a clean community that is a promoter of the respect for nature and the health of the community.

Health Care

The pharmacy which carries the name “Dr. Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara” was founded in the year 2005. This pharmacy operates as to service as health facility for all the members of our community, as well as to people of the surrounding communities. Here you can find medicine at very low cost. Currently, we maintain a group of health promoters who bring technical assistance to isolated communities, especially communities with a low income.


Our daycare facility has the offers daycare services for infants. This service is completely free of charge and it allows for parents to work with the peace of mind that their children are being taken care of by their community.

Communal Store

The main store belongs to the coop. It offers basic products at the best possible prices for the consumption of the members of the community. In this way our community does not have to travel far to get the products they need daily and the money generated through sales remain within the community.

Communal Mill: The Nixtamal Mill

The Mill is an initiative coordinated by the Women’s Committee and it has been in effect since the year 2000. The women’s committee presented this project to the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala City with the intention to make their daily tasks more efficient by avoiding grinding corn by hand.
The embassy donated the funds necessary for the purchase of the Mill and it is currently administered by the Women’s Committee. This initiative serves to benefit the entire community and it is also economically conducive. With the small fees collected from its use the Women’s Committee has made a small fund to others needs of the community such as accessibility for more potable water.


The Coop maintains a number of vehicles available for either the transportation of people or goods when needed.