The community


Commitment and organization are the engines that drive our collective interests giving us a sense and understanding of community.

Nuevo Horizonte is a community with conscience and revolutionary identity that identifies itself with the struggles of the great majority the poor and the oppressed at both the national and international level. The community has its origins and base in history, through the participation of its members in the revolutionary movement Rebel Armed Forces (FAR).

The Cooperative is organized on the basis of a political, social and economic project that takes into account the needs of the community and guarantees common understanding on the communal use of the land. We advance our project through debate and discussion in the highest decision making authority, the ´´Community Assembly´´.

Land tenure and use are developed based on collective, semi-collective and individual work, considering as fundamental basis, the integral development of the community. Every family has one hectare of land for their own production, and it is mainly used for corn and bean production, which are our staple foods.


To meet our objectives, we have developed the following areas of production: fish farming, solidarity tourism, diversified agriculture, marketing, education, and health care, in order to satisfy the needs of all our members.

An important element for Nuevo Horizonte is relating to other like-minded organization at both the national and international level, as an alternative means of shared development. For us the inter-change of experiences and ways of working with other communities is the way of articulating our struggle from the local and global level.